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    Since her mother-in-law passed away, Mika's father-in-law became depressed. Because she was worried about her father, her husband took him home to live with the couple. Even so, my father still didn't get better, he just sat in his room and didn't eat or drink anything. Today Mika's husband had to go on a business trip, leaving her alone at home to take care of her father. It's been a long time since she's had sex, making her desire surge, she can only masturbate to reduce her desire. Accidentally her father-in-law passed by and discovered it. Because he was so lonely, he couldn't control himself. "Just 10 seconds, can I put it in?" Without waiting for Mika to agree, the father-in-law immediately inserted his cock deep inside his daughter-in-law. Exactly 10 seconds later he stopped. The next morning, because she didn't know how to face her father-in-law, Mika decided to go out to kill time. Suddenly she discovered that breakfast had been eaten, her father-in-law appeared with a better expression, he no longer seemed as depressed as before. Knowing that his daughter-in-law was lonely like him, he immediately wanted to satisfy Mika's sexual desires. Even though they refused at first, their bodies were strangely in harmony. The feeling of happiness from each click of her father-in-law made Mika gradually forget all her feelings of guilt. The two seem to be each other's destiny. And of course, her father-in-law continuously ejaculated deep inside her. Some time later, Mika became pregnant. Her husband was extremely happy when he heard the news. He pampered her to the fullest and held a party to celebrate this. But Mika knows, the child in her womb is not his child...!!!