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    Her husband's creditor unexpectedly came to the house to collect money while the husband was at work. His presence made Kurea Hasumi feel something was wrong, but because of her husband, she still let him into the house. Just now When he entered the house, he played tricks on her with her beautiful round breasts. Not only that, he asked her to satisfy him, otherwise it would be difficult for her husband to live with the debt he was incurring. Miss Reluctantly, she followed him to his private room. She put on the two-piece outfit he requested. Before he wanted her to suck his cock after satisfying herself, he called in more accomplices and forced her to serve both at the same time. After finishing his work, he let her go home, but what he wanted was not only her but also his teenage daughter at home. And then whatever happened happened to him too. Her accomplices came to her house and forced the mother and daughter to have sex with them with the toys they brought. Please watch the movie to enjoy, the movie is quite captivating. The time spent in the movie will make you very satisfied.